Beloved Saints, 
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
We praise God for His sustaining us during the  COVID19  global pandemic. We rest in God’s continual covenant promises that He has  all these things on earth in His control.
Regarding the current COVID-19 risk assessment in Dallas County, the recommendations from the CDC and the Texas Department of State Health Services cite that live, physically interactive social gatherings of people from multiple households does not comply with social distancing practice.  They feel that even in situations where ample space between attendees could be accommodated, the potential for massive spread of COVID-19 is increased. Hosting events that encourage people in high-risk groups, i.e. senior adults and people with underlying health conditions, to participate in such physically interactive gatherings is discouraged.
Executive Asst. Eld. Charlton Craig has proactively tasked a Faith Kingdom Covid-19 Response Team to help devise the best proposal to return onsite to the church facility, while  both guarding the safety of our congregants and continuing effective ministry operations.  After numerous  meetings and studying the recommendations for churches by  Dr. Haung the Director of Dallas County Health and Human Services (attached), the Faith Kingdom Covid-19 Response Team has drafted a strategy for the best practices to resume live onsite services at Faith Kingdom Church of God in Christ.
We are excited to announce that Faith Kingdom ministry will return to onsite service at 6916 Lake June Road on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st.  This worship assembly will convene live as a modified worship experience in which we remain in the comfort of our cars as the ministry team conducts  worship from an outdoor platform facing the parking area.  This will allow us to finally celebrate together united while maintaining physical social distancing and utmost safety for everyone. How we have missed you!
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as Faith Kingdom leadership works to provide the safest, most effective worship experience and ministry to the lost that we can.

All social distancing requirements will strictly be enforced while on the Faith Kingdom Church of God in Christ premises. The  cooperation of all  is essential for a successful worship experience.
Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this historic season.  We appreciate your continued prayers for God’s direction and wisdom being imparted daily  to the Faith Kingdom leaders regarding divinely inspired solutions to fulfill God’s will naturally and spiritually.
We anticipate a dynamic worship celebration with you on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st, 2020.
In Christ Service

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