M.O.V.E. is an acronym for Ministry, Outreach, Volunteer and Evangelism. Faith Kingdom has adopted this movement to help encourage believers to get involved in God's service.

Faith Kingdom Church provides all types of ministry groups for all types of people. Your gifts and talents and, most importantly, you time will go a long way in winning souls for Christ.

We invite you to get involved! 


Here are some examples of what Faith Kingdom Church is currently offering:


Ministry Units

·        WinGS - Women in God's Service 

·        Sun Shine Band Ministries – Ages 2-8

·        Generation Next Ministries – Ages 9-18

·        Benjamin Ministries – Ages 19-39

·        Levite and Pauline (Ministerial and Altar staff training)

·        Music Department (choir, praise team & musicians)


·        Door-to-door

·        Prison Ministry

·        Hospital & nursing home


·        Community Volunteering Opportunities (Salvation Army, North Texas Food Bank)

·        Summer Mentoring Program


·        Evangelistic Crusades

·        Tent Revivals

·        Evangelistic Street Team

·        Corporate Outdoor Services